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What is Gimarketplace?

Gimarketplace is a info-commerce website, thought and created for all kind of industries. With term "info-commerce", we mean that Gimarketplace don't manage the direct sale of the products on the its site, but It's only puts in contact potential sellers and buyers.

What kind of items can I load on the Gimarketplace?

You can put requests of industrial items or sell them, in the following categories: Industrial machinery, Spare parts, Products and raw materials, Transports and equipments, Services. For security reasons, the items and requests uploaded are subject to control and approval.

What do I need to be able to upload articles or requests on Gimarketplace?

You need only a mail address and register to the following link to Gimarkerplace website: http://www.gimarketplace.com/en/registrati.php

How does GImarketplace work?

Gimarketplace allows you to post withou your requests and your products, which will be shown anonymously (unless you have purchased additional services) to other users, who can contact you, always anonymously, to propose a offers or request information .

Gimarketplace is free?

Yes, Gimarketplace is free, you can post your request and your items free. Sometimes Gimarketplace can request a commission on the sale, but in this case the user will be advised in advance. GImarketplace also offers a series of paid services, such advertising space on the side of the web pages or "showcases", where you can display your company and in case of more advanced showcases, you can also display your items and your requests that you putted on the website, in addition to having a better position in the search.